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6th Yr Parents

6th Yr Parents

Dear Parent

This was been quite a significant week not just for our school but for all schools and students throughout the country.

Having information drip fed from news agencies and twitter accounts has not been the way we would have liked to have seen things done in relation to informing students that the Leaving Certificate exams were not to proceed in the summer.

While many will welcome the decision some may be upset and experiencing a new anxiety and stress.

We held assemblies today with staff and 6th year students to go through the published announcements Press Release FAQ

We have endeavored to provide as much clarity to students as we can at this time. We will work through the process as outlined above over the coming weeks and have no doubt that students will be rewarded for the work they have put in over the past few years in preparation for the LCert exams.

These are extremely challenging times which were fraught with uncertainty and lack of clarity. There was growing frustration, stress and anxiety among students around the country and there was no safe way based on the advice that the Dept of Education had received to run exams safely.

We know from the document what we have to do as a school to determine Calculated Grades and we will work over the coming weeks to ensure a fair and transparent process is followed.

While I do not wish this to be the last contact between students, parents and teachers it is essential that there is no further engagement or correspondence between teachers, parents and students regarding grades and classwork to ensure the integrity of the process. So teaching classes will cease from today.

I ask that any questions should be directed to me at

I do not want this week to be the last contact between students and subject teachers either and we will look at how next week they can say their goodbyes and thank yous in class.

We are working towards an end of school celebration and my preference is to do it in person rather than virtually as I do not want to see them on a screen for the last time. A hug, handshake and a sharing of a cup of tea and cake is my preference. These students are too good to let them just drift from our school.

The assembly today is recorded in TEAMS and if you missed it feel free to play in back if there are any questions just drop me an email at anytime or hopefully when we are allowed back to school on the 18th of May, call the school.

So hopefully in the not too distant future we can all meet up again.

Mr Mongey

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