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Medical History

Is your son/daughter physically fit to play sport?

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Other information, which would be of interest/relevance to the school

Certain sensitive data which the Department requests post-primary schools to furnish via the “Annual Post-Primary School October Returns/Examination Entries” process requires your written consent for the school to record this information and for the school to forward this information to the Department for the purposes as outlined in circular 47/2010 a copy of which is available at
I consent to information being shared/forwarded to the Department of Education and Skills and where appropriate with class teachers.

I consent to information being collected from my son/daughters previous school in relation to their education.

I consent to screening/diagnostic tests being administered during my son/daughters time in school to identify and support their learning needs.

I consent for my sons/daughters image to be used in photographs and video for promotional purposes by the school and external agencies eg: Local and national press, Conferences which the school presents at.

The schools offers a full counselling service, if you do not wish for your child to participate in any aspect of the program please indicate below which aspects you do not wish them to receive over their time in Coláiste Bhaile Chláir.
I request my son/daughter not participate in

Confirmation of application
By filling in this application we wish to confirm our intention to enrol our student listed above in Claregalway College for the School Year as indicated. We further agree to accept the Admissions Policy and the Code of Behaviour
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